Persons subjected to forced psychiatric treatment are often left without advocates due to the poor level of support for them in U. S. institutions.
Whether these persons are confined to mental hospitals, jails, or prisons, their medical treatment is provided by agents whose primary loyalty is not to them, but to the state or some other entity such as a conservator.

In these cases, they are left without any meaningful advocate to help them fight for their liberty, quality of life and legal rights. FEPTOPP will advocate for these persons on four platforms:

• With the administration of institutions;
• Within the legal structure of the courts and quasi-legal proceedings;
• Within the psychiatric profession;
• In the Media.

Our primary focus will be to reach out to family and friends of the patient/prisoner to help them help their loved ones. FEPTOPP will assist with correspondence, arranging legal assistance, interpretation of administrative regulations, advocacy within the psychiatric treatment community, publicity, visitation, and patients’ rights.

FEPTOPP will take this advocacy into the public arena to raise public awareness regarding the many violations of law and ethics surrounding the treatment of these individuals.

We seek alliances with all willing organizations concerned with the rights of psychiatric patients and prisoners. We are not unilaterally opposed to the use of psychotropic drugs, but we are definitely opposed to the abuse of these drugs through overmedication and the forced medication of unwilling patients. We will accept no support from pharmaceutical companies.

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