About the DMH…

About the DMH…


We should have no illusions about the California Department of Mental Health.

First, we should remember all the atrocities committed by the historical predecessors of

the DMH: sterilization of tens of thousands; gruesome medical experiments on children;

mass confinements under cruel and degrading conditions, burials in unmarked mass

graves, etc., etc. It should come as no surprise that the present-day DMH carries on in

this historical tradition: neglect, torture, murder, corruption, fraud, and cover-up continue

to this day. And it gets worse. Working with the courts, law enforcement, prisons, the

insurance industry, and, above all, the pharmaceutical corporations, the DMH presides

over a vast underground complex of theft, bribery, coercion and fear.

DMH is unaccountable and punishes any prisoner who dares to speak out against DMH

crimes. Cynically playing upon the public’s fear and ignorance of mental problems,

DMH bureaucrats rule their empire with an iron hand, secure in the knowledge that they

are above the law. This is not hyperbole or exaggeration – this is fact. FEPTOPP has

been engaged in a years-long investigation of the DMH. Here are some of our findings:

• Like any bureaucracy, DMH seeks to maintain and expand its domain. It does

this primarily by two methods: disease mongering, and holding prisoners in

state mental hospitals illegally past their release dates. Disease mongering is

accomplished through continually expanding the notion of mental illness by

adding to the kinds of human behavior considered to be mental illnesses. In

1950 the original Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders used to

diagnose potential clients listed less than a dozen supposed illnesses. Today the

DSM-V contains more than 350 conditions. Holding prisoners past their release

dates is accomplished by not enforcing the section of the Mentally Disordered

Offender Law (P.C. 2968) that requires DMH to release prisoners from state

hospitals once they are found to be “in remission”;

• The DMH steals money from prisoners in the state hospitals and refuses to pay

minimum wages to prisoners who are entitled to higher wages under the law;

• DMH prisoners in state mental hospitals die early deaths due to the powerful

neuroleptic drugs they are forced to ingest and the denial of health care services;

• The DMH refuses to allow prisoners their legal rights to a court hearing to contest

their forced drugging;

• When prisoners die in state mental hospitals, the deaths are covered up and

misrepresented in public health records;

• The DMH enjoys a ‘special relationship’ with local District Attorneys, Public

Defenders, Sheriffs, Coroners, Grand Juries, Judges, the state Attorney General,

and the Governor – all of whom refuse to act to hold DMH responsible for their

corruption and crimes.

We could go on, but space is limited. For more information and documentation of

the above charges, go to our website: www.feptopp.com

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