What if what you thought you knew about Laura’s Law wasn’t true?

What if what you thought you knew about Laura’s Law wasn’t true?

What if, instead of being resistant to treatment, Scott Harlan Thorpe was voluntarily

being treated with drugs or had recently withdrawn from drugs prescribed by a

psychiatrist who worked at the mental health clinic where Laura Wilcox was shot?

What if the symptoms of suspicion and fear Scott Thorpe was suffering from were caused

by the drugs he was taking or his withdrawal from those drugs, a process we now know is common.

Mr. Thorpe thought he was being poisoned. What if he really was being poisoned by the

drugs his psychiatrist prescribed for him?

What if this case, which was one of several highlighted and publicized by NAMI and

TAC, was, in fact, a cover-up of the effects that psychotropic drugs have on many

patients and was turned into its opposite – a call for more drugging with these same drugs

via assisted outpatient treatment laws?

What if Scott Thorpe is really a patsy for the drug companies, a guy who was poisoned

by their products and then used as a poster child to make more people take more pills?

Scott Thorpe’s story was never told. Since pleading Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity,

he has been locked up at Napa State Hospital, held incommunicado from the public or the

news media. Why are they hiding Scott Thorpe?

What is the true story behind the murder of Laura Wilcox and the use of this tragedy

to build a culture of fear and intimidation feeding the call for the increased drugging of

larger and larger sections of our population?




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