Community meeting with Sandre Swanson

Thursday, January 27, 2012

Community meeting with Sandre Swanson, 16th

Alameda, Hospital

Alameda, California

Dear Assemblyman Swanson and fellow constituents:

My name is Roland Angle and I wish to present some information on a very important

matter of public health and law enforcement that is not receiving the attention it deserves.

At the end of this presentation I will provide a written handout to everyone who desires

one for further information and research.

First, a brief historical sketch. California has always been a leader in the abuse of

persons accused of being disabled, including those with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Down

syndrome, cleft palate, club foot, and, especially, those accused of being mentally ill.

These abuses have consisted of forced incarceration, involuntary enrollment in so-
called medical experiments, pneumoencelphalograms (injection of air into the brain),

radiation experiments, forced sterilizations, pre-frontal lobotomies, shock treatments

(both electrical and chemical), and forced drugging. Most of these treatments are now

recognized as torture and abuse. But, as I will explain, they live on in modern forms.

Mental health legislation passed in California has historically been used as a template

for other states to adopt similar laws, thus effectively reaching out to affect millions

of people even beyond our state borders. Some of these facts are a matter of public

record. On June 30, 2003, the California Senate passed Senate Resolution No. 20,

acknowledging that the state of California had led the nation in forcibly sterilizing more

than 20,000 persons between 1909 and 1964 as part of the eugenics movement for racial

purity that subsequently inspired Adolph Hitler and the Nazis to embark upon the same

quest in Germany. Every one of these abuses, which usually led to painful and early

death for those persons condemned to their treatment, was hailed in its time as a medical

breakthrough or a necessary social doctrine. No public official in California has ever

been charged with a crime nor prosecuted for their role in implementing these mass


Today in California, these abuses continue, now under the reign of what has been termed

the psychopharmaceutical industrial complex, consisting of the pharmaceutical industry

(the most profitable industry in the world), the American Psychiatric Association (APA),

the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), academic scholars and their publications, the

Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH),

and, last but not least, public advocacy groups, most notably, the National Alliance for

the Mentally Ill (NAMI). All these organizations, under sway of the pharmaceutical

industry, push drugs for illness, especially so-called mental illness.

Congressional District representative

In the field of mental health, drugs have replaced straight jackets and surgical procedures

as instruments of control, providing a kind of “imprisonment of the mind”. Under this

impetus, the incidence of so-called mental illness has skyrocketed. Now infants as young

as a few months old can be diagnosed as bi-polar and prescribed powerful neuroleptic

(brain-seizing) drugs. NAMI claims that 23% of all Americans will suffer mental illness

during any given year, and big pharmaceutical corporations pay fines of billions of

dollars for illegal practices and continue on, undeterred in their quest for profits.

This brings me to my point and my question for you, Mr. Swanson. In my role as

Director of Operations for Families for the Ethical Psychiatric Treatment of Patients

and Prisoners (FEPTOPP), I have written numerous letters to both your office and the

office of Senator Loni Hancock, as your constituent, asking that you take certain actions

on matters that have come to my attention (copies of the letters are in the information

packet). We have uncovered facts which prove that prisoners in the state mental

hospitals are being falsely imprisoned, assaulted by illegal forced drugging, and are dying

untimely deaths as a result of this treatment. Due to the past mistreatment of persons

in state hospitals (outlined briefly above), state laws require that an investigation into

the death of any inmate in a state mental hospital must be conducted (See California

Government Code 27491 and California Welfare and Institutions Code 4137). We have

evidence that these investigations are not taking place.

I call your attention to a copy of a Death Certificate that I have in the attached packet for

your information. The document has been redacted for the privacy of the deceased and

his family. This was an inmate at Atascadero State Hospital (incarcerated there for nine

years), for whom I was advocating at the time of his death. Please note the following

information on the Death Certificate that provides official proof that the laws regarding

the death of this inmate were broken.

Age at Death: 40 years

Legal Residence: 10333 El Camino Real, Atascadero

Cause of Death: Cardiopulmonary Arrest, Severe Pancreatitis, Unknown Etiology

Investigation: No biopsy or autopsy performed

Length of stay in hospital: Was transferred to local community hospital on the day before death. Death Certificate signed by emergency room doctor at community hospital, who had less than 24 hours contact with deceased.

Manner of Death: Not listed.

(Atascadero State Hospital)

(known typical cause of death due to neuroleptic drugs – Metabolic syndrome)

This document is proof that the law requiring investigation into the cause of death was

broken, and that, at a minimum, the county coroner is guilty of failure to perform the

required procedure. We have every reason to suspect that this, and similar tactics, are

used in the death of most, if not all, deceased state hospital inmates. Aside from the

criminal nature of these acts, they prevent crucial public health information regarding the

effects of these drugs on the population from being recorded and used to guide public

health policy.

This information and further information proving that the medical staff at the state

hospital routinely violates their patients’ right to a court hearing before forcibly drugging

them has been transmitted by us to your office and Senator Hancock’s office, as well

as to the following agencies: the office of the county District Attorney in San Luis

Obispo County; the Grand Jury in San Luis Obispo; the state Attorney General’s office;

the State Auditor’s office; and the Governor’s office. Neither your office nor Senator

Hancock’s office has gotten back to me on this matter. All the other officials claim lack

of jurisdiction, although the State Auditor did open an investigation – which, incidentally,

they conduct in secret.

Approximately 200,000 persons die in the U.S. each year from the effects of prescribed

drugs. 90% of those deaths go unreported and, as a result, the American public is kept

in the dark about the harmful and often fatal effects of these drugs. I find the lack of

action on both your part and Senator Hancock’s office to be appalling, but, unfortunately,

not surprising. The long history outlined above showing the official sanctioning of

these crimes and refusal to charge officials who are violating the law is testimony to the

present disinterest in this vital public health issue. There is reason to suspect that the

psychopharmaceutical industrial complex is the cause of all this inactivity.

Let me explain that we next plan to harness the energy of the Occupy Movement to serve

all sitting judges in state hospital venues with Misprision of Felony Notices, requiring

them to act to initiate investigations into these crimes. If they fail to act, we will begin

Citizens Arrest campaigns against those officials who were serving in any capacity of

responsibility during the time these crimes are committed. We will pursue all legal

measures to obtain justice and rational health care policies. If legal methods produce no

results, the implications for our democracy are dire.

Please explain your past disinclination to act in this matter and discuss your future



Roland Angle, Director of Operations, FEPTOPP

roleangle@gmail.com (510) 501-6218

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