RE: Illegal forced drugging of inmates confined to state mental hospitals; Criminal coverup of deaths caused by these drugs by county and state officials; Unconstitutional state law creating the setting for these wrongful deaths.

December 14, 2010

TO: Senator Loni Hancock, California 9th

1515 Clay St., Suite 2202

Oakland, CA 94612

FROM: Roland E. Angle, Constituent


870 Walnut St.

Alameda, CA 94501

RE: Illegal forced drugging of inmates confined to state mental hospitals; Criminal

coverup of deaths caused by these drugs by county and state officials;

Unconstitutional state law creating the setting for these wrongful deaths.

Dear Senator Hancock:

I am a constituent of the 9th

taxes and am a law-abiding citizen entitled to be heard by my elected representatives.

I have been attempting to communicate with you regarding the above matters for several

months, but your aides in your Oakland office have refused to meet with me.

Specifically, Marta Toscano has refused to answer my letters, emails, notes, or attempts

to see her face-to-face in your office. I have no way of knowing whether or not you

are aware of my attempts to communicate with you, or whether my attempts have been

blocked by your staff members without your knowledge.

My concerns regarding the issues noted above have developed over many years, and

stem from the incarceration of a family member in the state mental hospital system

administered by the Department of Mental Health (DMH). In reference to my concerns, I

have enclosed two documents:

1) A copy of a recent article that appeared in Vanity Fair magazine that alleges

District. I am the owner of several businesses. I pay my

2) A redacted (for privacy reasons) copy of a recent death certificate recorded

more than 200,000 deaths occur in the U.S. each year from the effects of

prescribed drugs;

in San Luis Obispo County for an inmate of Atascadero State Hospital,

administered by the DMH.

The Vanity Fair article, “Deadly Medicine”, notes that about 90% of all deaths due to

prescribed drugs go unreported. This would amount to some 180,000 deaths annually.

In sheer numbers, these deaths outnumber the deaths caused by traffic accidents, AIDS,

kidney disease and diabetes combined. Yet this is a political non-issue, due to the

powerful financial interests vested in the pharmaceutical industry that produces these


Many of these deaths occur in state mental institutions, where prisoners are forced to

ingest drugs that have a known harmful effect upon their health. Studies show (e.g.

Anatomy of an Epidemic, by Robert Whitacre, published 2009) that these drugs shorten a

person’s life, on average, by 25 years.

The enclosed copy of the Death Certificate of one such individual is an example of how

these deaths are covered up, and therefore go unreported. This particular inmate, who

died at age 40 after many years of incarceration at ASH, died of classic drug effects, as

listed on the literature that comes with the drug. State law requires that the death of any

inmate of a state mental institution who dies while in custody must be investigated by

the coroner (Welfare & Institutions Code 4137; California Government Code Section

27491). As you can see by the Death Certificate, this inmate was transferred out of

ASH to a nearby community hospital the day before he died, and no investigation was

performed into the cause of his death. This deliberate process intentionally avoids the

intent of the law, and leaves the connection between the forced drugging and death

hidden from public view. It is a clear example of one of the 180,000 unreported deaths

referred to in the magazine article.

There is clearly a conspiracy of interests that perpetrate this criminal behavior: the

drug companies, the DMH hospital administration, the attending psychiatrist (a DMH

employee), the county sheriff and coroner, the physician at the community hospital, the

county District Attorney, and the state Attorney General. And, I might add, it is difficult

to believe that the state legislators who created the laws that are being violated on a daily

basis are not aware that this criminal behavior is an ongoing occurrence.

And that is only the beginning of the story. The laws governing mental health issues

are unconstitutional. The California Lanterman-Petris-Short Law, on the books since

the 1980’s, allows for pre-frontal lobotomies and “scientific” inquiry into the causes

of homosexuality. In practice, persons accused of being either Mentally Disordered

Offenders (P.C. 2960-2982) or Sexually Violent Predators (Welfare & Institutions Code

6600, et. seq.) are routinely denied their constitutional rights, including the right to refuse

forced drugging. These laws are the foundation from which spread other laws designed

to deprive other groups of citizens their constitutional rights.

As a member of both the Judiciary and Public Safety Committees in the State Senate,

I request that you raise the facts in those venues and demand an investigation into this

law-breaking activity on the part of so many state officials. The waste of money by the

DMH, with an annual budget of over 4 and a half billion dollars, is obviously also an

important issue. Taxpayers are being robbed of the mental health services they deserve

when DMH officials are spending huge sums on drugs that they are forcing on patients,

shortening their lives while breaking the law.

I request a meeting with you, since your staff seems either unwilling or unable to carry

out the functions of your office. At that meeting, I wish to discuss specific actions that I

will propose so that you can act in the best interests of your constituents is this matter of

extreme importance to us all.

You may reach me via email at roleangle@gmail.com or via my cell phone at (510) 501-


Yours truly,

Roland E. Angle

ENCL: Copy of Vanity Fair article, “Deadly Medicine”;

Copy of San Luis Obispo County Death Certificate, Document 000242683

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