RE: Illegal forced drugging of inmates in state mental hospitals and cover-up of crimes.

January 19, 2011

TO: Senator Loni Hancock, California 9th

1515 Clay St., Suite 2202

Oakland, CA 94612

FROM: Roland E. Angle, Constituent


870 Walnut St.

Alameda, CA 94501

RE: Illegal forced drugging of inmates in state mental hospitals and cover-up of


Dear Senator Hancock:

Thank you for arranging a meeting today with your staff member, Martha Toscano.

Along with this letter, I am submitting to Ms. Toscano a copy of a FEPTOPP letter

mailed yesterday to Attorney General Kamala Harris, detailing the results of many

months of research into the torture and abuse of inmates in the Department of Mental

Health (DMH) state hospital system. Further research needs to be undertaken, and the

full facts brought to light in the pursuit of justice in this matter. That is why we propose

that only a state Grand Jury will be able to overcome the resistance evident in the refusal

of existing state and county agencies to investigate the charges we are making.

I am asking that you, personally, as my elected state senator, take these concerns to the

legislature and enact legislation that will address them. Specifically, I am asking:

(1) That you write a letter to Attorney General Harris urging her to form a Grand

Jury to investigate these serious charges in a timely fashion;

(2) That you follow through to ensure that the criminals who have perpetrated these

acts are brought to justice under the law;

(3) That you inform your fellow committee members on the standing committees

you sit on in the senate of these facts and allegations, specifically the PUBLIC


(4) That you assume a leadership role in the revision of both the Mentally Disordered

Offender Law (P.C. 2960-2982) and the Lanterman-Petris-Short Law (W&IC

6600 et. Seq.) in order to bring them into compliance with constitutional rights

enjoyed by all United States citizens.

We have compiled evidence to back up our assertions that DMH and various county

officials are routinely breaking the law and covering up the crimes. We believe further

evidence is to be found in public records waiting to be uncovered by a Grand Jury with

subpoena powers. We urgently need your leadership to push these matters forward into

the public and political arenas that are the forums necessary to address these egregious

violations of the law, as well as the faults with the laws themselves.

This is just the beginning of a process. We hope you understand the importance and

necessity of moving forward with all urgency to address our concerns.

We are ready to contribute our research and information to help begin that process, but

we understand that we confront powerful entrenched interests who have good reason to

hide their ongoing transgressions. We need the power and commitment of our elected

officials to bring this process to a successful conclusion.

Please agree to meet further with us and stay in contact with FEPTOPP as you begin this

process. We believe we have an important contribution to make to this process.

Yours truly,

Roland E. Angle

ENCL: Copy of FEPTOPP letter to Attorney General Kamala Harris, dated

January 11, 2011, with attachments.

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