According to Pharma’s own numbers (issued by the federal agencies they own), mental

disorders are growing by leaps and bounds, to the point where federal authorities now

estimate that 25% of the U.S. population is certifiably crazy according to the dictates


5, which, by acclamation, became the new bible in our new age of pill proliferation.

Anyone who stands in the way of this juggernaught is doomed… they will not hesitate

to stoop so low as to steal a loved one from you for years if you dare to speak up against

them, and would not hesitate to take a life … they often do!…and when that life is the

life of someone you love, the pain is especially searing, because you see someone you

love being robbed, day by day, by those who have no compunction about “bending the

science” to justify their obtrusion into our lives.

Perhaps the clearest way that I can shine a light into a place that will pierce you if you

are a human being with any pity at all, is to tell you two stories, true stories,…from the

people I have met since I have been in the what I will call, “The Mental Stealth World or

MSW”. [Names have been changed to protect privacy].

Norma has been in MSW for almost twenty years. Her son got into early drug use,

couldn’t handle the drugs and eventually got charged with assaulting his mother…

what Norma now says was, “A misunderstanding”. Her son’s descent into hell began

forthwith, and the highest (transitory) bit of freedom he’s had since then (about fourteen

years) is an occasional weekend home. The chemical bonds used to bind him into that

state are the most precious of commodities these days, commodities whose producers

have acquired a vast and growing influence on the direction of the future. Yet no one

speaks up. Norma’s experience illustrates exactly why no one speaks up.

First of all, she has come to realize the governmental authorities in charge of state

mental health hospitals are in cahoots with the drug companies, simply put. They

scratch each other’s backs: the drug companies provide the drugs (e. g. Atascadero State

Hospital (ASH) CA spends over a quarter million dollars a day on drugs). The drugs

cause mental and physical damage (brain + other) to the force-fed prisoners, whose lives

are reduced to simply that of a Consumers of Drugs, an open mouth destination for the

“pills” they sell every day… a bitter pill indeed to swallow. But profits must be made!

Full steam ahead! The same people who brought you the financial crisis have a future

crisis in their sights: the health crisis.

In our brave new world we find that we are surrounded by malaise, and must take their

drugs to cope with it. We have come to see that that is a recipe for disaster, as it forces

the drug company owners to bet on our discomfort, so that we might order the remedy

from them. This tactic reveals their depth of disdain for the well-being of the masses.

By the way, for them the masses is the market, which means the entire world, including

themselves. When we find them, I’m sure we will find that they are more drug addicted

than most – for them it must be a form of manna, money from heaven.

So now we must go to the “they”: who are they? It’s an allegation too easy to make,

and many make it casually, that ‘they’ are responsible, and it’s an easy thing to say, for

most of us do not know any of these anonymous ‘they’s’. With 666 channels filled with

so much mental mush, I have yet to see anything in the way of a picture of the families

that are really benefiting from the drug craze – the legal drug trade. Now we’re talking

real money here, people so rich you’ve never heard of them — living out their lives on the

highroads of the world, far above the hoi polloi. Remember that old saw…”Follow the

money?” What if we really did follow the money? It’s not too hard to do, some pretty

straightforward math calculations can give us an idea of how wealthy, and therefore how

powerful, the Pharmaceutical Industry really is. We will leave that question aside, for a

moment, the question of “Who are They?” – i. e., Who is Pharma.

First let’s get down to just how powerful “they” are, up close and personal. Long story

short, Norma saw her son go from shaky to downright bedridden, refusing to come out of

his room at the ‘hospital’ to see anyone, even his mother. When she complained about

the heavy drug dosage, she was ignored, then forbidden to see her son, then attacked

and banned from the facility. The authorities were acting under the order of the law,

supposedly, though it could be pointed out they were breaking their own administrative

orders, but, oh, yeah, those orders mean nothing and they break them on a daily basis

thousands of times over.

So it was that Norma found out, much to her sorrow, that a lawless bureaucracy has

sprung up, fearless of any challenge. They are like the ocean – we can hear the roar of

their sea of influence even while we sleep. While we have been conditioned to fear all of

life, we have at the same time been lulled to sleep whilst they steal our heritage and our

future. But that is a phrase too trite, as well. What I mean is, they direct our future, and

they are definitely in control today, far above the reach of the masses they are supposedly


So today her son continues what life he has, which isn’t much, cloistered in his 8×12

room at the ‘hospital’. His mother continues to fight, she will not keep still. What

are her choices now? To review: Her son became ill; she tried to represent his best

interests and saw him detiorating under the force of their orders, and wouldn’t be quiet

about it. You can argue about the truth of it (whether to drug, are there other solutions),

but it is a fruitless argument, for without the money to take on the monster in court in

dubious battle, you don’t even have openers in this game, wherein persons are labeled


labels that condemn the so anointed to a life of no life. The stories of these (mostly men)

needs to be told, but all we get are parodies.

The second woman I met only recently. Mary’s son was popular and athletic in high

school. Upon graduation he went straight into the Marines. He lasted less than three

months. Sent home, he was labeled “emotionally immature” by the Marine Corps

psychiatrists. A few months after arriving home, he collapsed, then tried to “commit

suicide” by hitting himself in the head with a hammer. They had him committed, and

that was over 20 years ago. He hasn’t seen the light of day since then.

Like Norma, this woman complained to the authorities regarding his treatment and

severe deterioration under the drug dose. She made the mistake of committing him,

and thus lost any semblance of control. For example: The California State Mental

Hospitals are supposed to be operating under a “Wellness Recovery Plan” which is

directed by a “Wellness Team” for each prisoner. A clearly delineated position on the

Wellness Team is that of an advocate for the prisoner. This is a position rarely, if ever,

filled. The institution makes no emphasis on this position, and has never been heard

yet to urge that the patient should find and utilize a family member or friend who might

exercise that role. It is probably the single most important role on the team, yet it is

almost never occupied as the team moves forward on its’ hug’m and drug’m campaign

of spreading Metabolic Syndrome, an illness that is also, somehow, little known, though

extant photographs and film from the institutions reveals rampant obesity, the hallmark

of Metabolic Syndrome, both among the prisoners, and, not surprisingly, the staff. The

availability of drugs on that facility must be awesome.

Though her son had been at Napa State Hospital more than ten years, Mary was unaware

she had the right to advocate for her son as part of his “Treatment Team”. So the team

met ten years without her, and removed themselves from her input by banning her from

the facility. When she took up the opportunity to testify in front of a political committee

set up to investigate the facilities (due to numerous complaints) and gave testimony

damning the administrators, they retaliated by setting her son up to be transferred from

Napa to San Quentin.

These, then, are the rewards for those who speak out. But these people have been pushed

to the point that there is nothing left to lose by speaking out – they have been robbed

of a life already. Though they are reduced to voices from the shadows, they speak out

still, and hope for an answering voice back from the darkness. It would seem it was in

our best interests to answer them, or else we all will be lost in a mad darkness that now

nibbles at the outer edge of our collective consciousness.

The key to control in societies is the ability to use the principle of Escalating Fear. EF

starts on a small scale, with a small “marginal” group. Certain constraints on this group’s

conditions are imposed, through a web of mutually reinforcing myths, half-truths and

prejudices. This technique is then reproduced, casting an ever wider net of ‘sub-citizens’.

Eventually, as we have seen, everyone is caught in the net of a Gotterdammerung –

the annihilation of society as we know it. Out of the wars of the 20th

gained the presence of the state, ominously omnipresent in our lives. The state now tells

us that we are being taken care of – this in combination with the use of coercion which

accompanies the promise: “You’ll be better, or else!”

I could say, “Look around”. You might look around, and see nothing. Like Orwell, I

am almost beyond belief at the tyranny we can exhibit – to survive? Does ‘The System’

control us? Or do we control it? Can we hope to survive beyond this period? No one

seems to be discussing that, either.

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